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Earl Ciderman's UNSC Application
Ckey: earlciderman

Discord name: earlidge

In-character name: Geoff Hardy

general character info: Your typical run of the mill Sergeant. Usually found smoking a lot of cigarettes and asking marines to get shit done, sometimes he gets shit done and smiles about it. Also he likes to complain about the given situation at hand and usually finds the nearest marine to agree with his views, after which he will end up on some operation where he's understaffed and under equipped and once more complaining.

If he's not complaining, discussing matters with marines or otherwise being shot at. He will be leading from behind his men, assessing the situation and figuring out whether or not him and the men around him are going to survive the next boarding party of covenant shock troops.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Sergeant.

Reason for joining : I feel like the UNSC are a bit underpopulated when I'm playing on the server (might be a timezone problem) and as such, we usually get wrecked by the covenant. This isn't so much as a problem, however I feel like I could have some fun joining in the second wave of UNSC reinforcements as an ODST or Spartan.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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