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Null_Name's Covvie Application (Repost)
((Notice, I stepped away from the community about four months ago and in that time my whitelist got revoked for lack of activity. Was told to repost my application so that it can be approved again))

Ckey: Null_Name

Discord name: Null_name (shocking, I know)

In-character name: Zeica Ord'anee, Jetill Trranik

General character info: Zeica is a Sangheili Minor. Recently brought into the ranks of the Covenant military. He is young, brash, and a little cocky. Prone to taking risks if it means securing victory. He often underestimates humans and their tenacity. And while he respects his brethren he views the other races of the Covenant with far more scrutiny. In particular the Kig-Yar. Mostly thanks to their lack of loyalty and faith. Which, in all fairness, isnt necessarily untrue.

Meanwhile Jetill is very much the inverse in almost every way. A T'Vaoan Commando. Experienced, jaded, and rather quiet (compared to many of her kin). She excels at range and taking advantage of loners. Her style of combat is methodical, merciless, and often well planned. While she is no coward (or atleast claims such) she is far more adverse to taking unnecessary risks. Stealth and trickery are assets she puts to great use whenever she can.

Reason for joining: I've been playing a while and while I'll sometimes pick a human faction (especially if the Covenant already has plenty of players) I usually find myself picking the Covenant. They just come off as more interesting than the other two available factions. Both in the lore and in gameplay.

Roleplay Example/History: I've been on SS13 for a little over two years. Mostly on Fallout 13, CM, Civ 13, and the World Server. A lot of the time I'll start playing one server for a while, get a little bored, go to another one, then come back to the first one sometime down the line. I've also been playing on here for a while. I'd say for maybe nine to ten months.
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