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Muslim123123123 Covie Whitelist
Ckey: Muslim123123123

Discord name: Muslim123123123#1300

In-character name: Galleum

general character info: Galleum is a Jiralhanae Major who has served in the Covenant Empire’s great military as soon as he came of age. He hails from Doisac- homeworld of his species and is a member of the Vheiloth Skein. Due to this he is a strong adherent to the Great Journey and although he isn’t that smart he more than makes up for it in unwavering loyalty. He is selfless and without order would give his life to the journey in hopes that his kin could go on without him.

Reason for joining : More than a year ago I had the covenant whitelist- it only ended when I got banned which was a year ago. I took a break from Byond in general for a bit but I’m interested in rejoining the fold.

Roleplay Example/History: Played Halo RP of course, tons of other rps including those on discord, reddit, and byond. ITRP and Star Wars RP are the main focuses I’ve done but I also have knowledge of the Halo lore even though I haven’t roleplayed it besides in this server. I’ve rped a lot of other places I’m sure I listed in my last whitelist.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

San’Shyuum- Galleum views them as almost god-like beings who carry much wisdom- he will do anything he can to serve and protect them.

Sangheili- Fierce warriors who Galleum believes think too much of themselves but he holds respect for their skill and devotion to the hierarchs nonetheless.

Jiralhanae- He believes his people are the fiercest warriors serving the Covenant and are the greatest devotees to the Great Journey besides the San’Shyuum themselves.

Mgalekgolo- A force to be reckoned with.

Yanme’e- Bugs that taste bad- if they weren’t adherents to the Prophets then they would be adherents to death.

Huragok- They may be weak but it's better for them keeping the ship intact than an Unggoy.

Kig Yar- They get the job done.

Unggoy- Makes for decent support and good meat when dead.
For the great Journey!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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