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mcalexev's Covenant App
Ckey: Mcalexev

Discord name: mcalexev#5490

In-character name: Kranok

general character info: Kranok is a veteran Captain Major amongst the packs of the Jiralhanae in service to the Covenant. Possessing a great deal of cunning and intellect compared to many Jiralhanae, he has proven himself to be a useful leader, and is zealous in his fervor to eliminate the enemies of the Covenant.

Reason for joining : I've been part of the faction before, though took a long absence due to some other matters! I'm eager to get back into the community and RP a Jiralhanae this time around.

Roleplay Example/History: Kranok grunted as several bullets grazed against his armored pauldrons, stoking the flames of the rage building up within him. He harnessed that fury, unleashing a volley of plasma bolts from his pair of overcharged plasma rifles in retaliation towards the squad of UNSC marines who'd had the audacity to tempt his wrath. Their deaths would serve as an example to the rest that the Jiralhanae were the true strength of the Covenant. Not those pathetic Sangheili, though he would not make such displeasure known to his present superiors....yet.
approved, welcome to the covenant
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