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Covenant application
Ckey: wheatley2013

Discord name: wheatley#1844

In-character name: Y'tan Wavumee (sanghelli), Kayuw (unggoy ultra)

general character info: Y'tan is a loyal sanghelli minor, who has recently stepped on the path of war. 
He values his team and commanders above everything else. 
Not of the smartest, or the strongest, but truly a teamplayer, who always ready to provide support to the elders. 

Kayuw is unggoy who somehow survived a plenty of battles. He is not charismatic or strong, but a fast learner with tactical thinking.

Reason for joining : I love halo universe, but the most important i love teamwork in the Covenant on this server (and sometimes really good RP before and between battles). 
I want to be more useful, show pride, and purge all the heretics on my way.

Roleplay Example/History: i am playing SS13 back from 2015, and i really love this game and a variety of servers and builds you can play on. Before that i played SAMP, Garry's mod, and a bunch of RP indie games. SS13 servers on which i played the most: colonial marines, baystation, tgstation, lifeweb, FTL13, discordia, fallout 13.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.
Welcome to the empire
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