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Covenant Application

Discord name:zzurge#4638

In-character name(s)-UNSC(Veronica Taggart) Covenant: (Grimaldus)

general character info-Grimaldus is Average size for a covenant Brute,slightly more brained than usual for a Jirilhanae he is often trusted to tasks that would not be afforded to "lesser" brutes,that being said he is no pushover in strength either,many mistake his intellect for weakness,many have fallen as a result

Reason for joining-Partially my love for halo,partially because covvies are hurting for players

Roleplay Example/History: 
Revival servers Halo RP:
-Lower enlisted marine-1 year
-ODST Tombstone squad private-3/4ths of a year
Desert rose fallout Thirteen
-Veteran ranger-
-NCR whitelist-
-United states Colonial Marines-
-USCM Marine engineer Veronica "Mama  Bear" Taggart- One year
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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