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Vanderon's URF Application

Discord Name:

In-character name:
Evelyn Vanderson

General Character Info: 
Evelyn, or Eve, is a working-class woman from the Outer Colonies. Just like many of her fellow peers, she's felt the iron fist of the UEG; and though she opposes conflict as a principal, she also realizes there's no other way than to forcibly retake independence.

She had originally worked for her colony's police force, specifically the special tactical unit, moving down to working asset protection and private security for Misiriah Armory, then finally as a construction worker as her alcoholic tendencies caught up with her. After a few months of working as a minimum-wage contractor, she felt her skills could be better served elsewhere, and she joined with the Insurrection through a few contacts. 

Reason for joining:
She believes the UNSC to be completely corrupt, and that their hold on the rest of the colonies is unjust and tyrannical. To this end, she is willing to fight for what she believes is right, and isn't afraid to break a few rules while doing so; so long as it benefits the many.
welcome to the URF
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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