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Domodyl - Shipmaster Whitelist
Ckey: Domodyl

Discord name (username####): Reverent#1150

Character Name(s): Castio 'Volkee

How long have you been a member of the Covenant Faction? For around a year now.

What are some examples of good Covenant Roleplay that you have been a part of? 

 There was a match a few months ago, back when the ONI base was still in-game, I was an Ultra leading a strike team against the defending heretics, Once ground side a heated firefight commenced between both sides, eventually due to superior-tech and spearheading the Covenant pushed through, right outside the control room there stood a spartan who challenged me to a Duel, beside me a Kig-yar and a Sangheili Minor they both wished for me to "Betray My Honor" but instead I threw my plasma rifle down, and equipped my energy sword, and the Spartan his Katana (I think it was Jojo, I am not sure.) a fight ensued shortly after, lasting for quite some time, at one point somehow our weapons swapped in the heat of combat, shortly after, sustaining major wounds I emerged victor, but shortly after was rushed by the remaining marines and killed. 

Do you understand the Faction Rules?

Do you understand that you are not above the Covenant law, and maybe persecuted for not following the Faction Rules?

Do you understand that you can be removed from the whitelist at any given time, based on your behavior, even when not playing the role you applied for?

What do you think your job is as the role you are applying for?
 While having the opportunity to enjoy the Roleplay and privilege, the Job itself should only be held by people who are willing to represent how fun the community can be, while upholding the rules. 

Why should you be whitelisted?

  I have been with the community for a while now, and while I have been punished for rude behavior I really enjoy playing on the server, and I want to add more to the community. In recent games, I have been taking a leadership role and so far it's been going well for the entire Covenant Whitelist.
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