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Covenant whitelist application
Ckey: Zagarnt 

Discord name: Zagarnt#7244 

In-character name: Sypo 'Vracam (Sangheili) 
general character info: Just a typical sangheili, willing to fight and die for the Covenant, wishing to bring his honor on the battlefield in the name of the Great Journey. 

Reason for joining : I love Halo and its universe is incredibly interesting, especially the Covenant, the species, and just general history of it all. I'd really like to try to play as the Covenant, besides for kig-yar. Roleplay 

Example/History: I've played for around a few rounds before, i've mostly shown my interest for the Covenant, thought of giving it a try. I've played SS13 for around a year/year and a half, as well as having roleplay experience for years.

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