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ZikaBaby Ban appeal
Your Discord Username: ZikaBaby

Your character name (if relevant):Not sure. Ingame name is ZikaBaby

Who were you banned by: BDpuffy420

Date of ban: 2020-03-28 ON 01:43:29

Length of ban: Permaban

Full ban reason: "Griefer"

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: This ban was due to me shooting a player and or beating a player on my team. I know what i have done wrong and i know it was against the rules. i was just not thinking too well during the round and had been sitting in the insurrectionist ship for a long time not able to leave so when i saw my own teammate i just started shooting. In Hindsight this was fucking stupid on my half and i shouldn't have done so, But i believe this situation doesn't reflect who i am as a player and im asking if i can please have another chance to play on this server.

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