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Firefight gamemode
In the next couple of days, a major content update will be going live for the 3 wave defence gamemodes that have been in testing for the past few months. Playtesting has been very positive, and after this update goes live the gamemodes will be out of alpha and in the rotation on live! For all three gamemodes, you must defend a small fort against increasingly difficult waves of NPC enemies before a dropship arrives to take you away. Build defences, heal up between waves, and go out scouting for supply drops to get more materials and supplies. 

Firefight: As UNSC, defend a box fort in the middle of the desert against varied waves of Covenant troops
Stranded: As UNSC, defend the same box fort against hordes of Flood zombies
Crusade: As Covenant, defend the gravlift against waves of UNSC as you invade the forest colony on Sigma Octanus IV

A number of changes will be flowing across to other gamemodes as well, such as the new buildable defences and various bugfixes and qol stuff. 

Full changelog here:

Testing the defences
[Image: CSjSctl.png]

Here they come!
[Image: pCuKVTa.png]

I found a supply drop
[Image: yXnRCtF.png]

Reinforcements have arrived
[Image: i8X66Ip.png]

This guy looks like business
[Image: A4amIyk.png]

The human vermin defend their world
[Image: 236cb19015ba4d5e638f8f16faf026b5.png]

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