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Staff Complaint - Ratty Riot
#21 - Well, Ratty seems to be working against themselves. At this point, you can't really tell me that they're not obviously trying to fuck with me and aren't being a toxic individual. Two months you spoke to them and nothing has really changed, keep that in mind. I'll continue to update this thread as we go along, I suggest you take this more seriously and re-read through my points and the google document.

"Ratty Riot, lesbian pirateToday at 9:02 AM
I mean Fanta. Second I say anything it goes right in the complaint, whew. He's realyl working overtime." No, I'm just being sent logs constantly, so I'd rather update it as we go along.
Fanta, you have not proposed a new argument instead, you have just been throwing a tantrum. As hilarious as it is to see you act this way, I am not doing this just to entertain you, my answers are meant to resolve feelings in the community. I get that you feel like you are a faction leader of this situation, but here is the thing, nobody is going to rally behind someone that acts the way you are acting. If anything you are dwarfing the issues you think are a problem with this irrational passion.

Now, I agreed to talk this out as long as it could, so recollect yourself and give me the next argument to discuss.
You agreed to talk it out, though you don't really read through what is being posted. You've resolved nothing in the community, while your answers are as shallow as your attempts at detracting the situation by deeming it an "opinion piece". The arguments are that Ratty isn't going to change their ways, actively proving your attempts to "build them up" a waste of time. You've ignored the post above yours as it seems, so I think you've done so with everything else that's been posted so far, choosing to glance over the points and images laid upon you. Read through the thread, view all images that you deem "loose" and then answer accordingly.

If you wish to discuss this situation, answer me how you'll deal with Ratty as of right now? Trying to talk to them more is a waste, considering you've been doing so for two months now and they're still posting low tier bait, seen in the imgur links above. Are you going to keep them in "moderator hell" as you mentioned in our DMs?
I am going to just talk to them. Then I will promote them to admin if things follow my earlier stipulations. The only things I am ignoring are your personal insults and your weird rants that don't focus on the topic.
I have been too lenient on this subject. This is turning into reddit trash. I am done discussing this. Posting private logs that i have to delete and acting like a manchild is just too much for me to continue this charade. Grow a goddamn pair.

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