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Yet Another Covenant Application
Ckey: Inchman

Discord name: Inchman#1531

In-character name: Steadier-Than-Others (Huragok), BapBap (Unggoy)

General Character Info: 
Steadier is a physically unremarkable example of a Huragok. Displaying the common blue bioluminescence and other features typical of their kin. They are many centuries old though not even they could tell exactly how many years they have lived. They have a friendly and easygoing personality with a love for music. Unfortunately they find it difficult to convey any of this to most people. So as far as most of their colleagues know there is nothing particularly interesting about them. Very sad.

BapBap is a particularly devoted unggoy Ultra who thus far has somehow managed to not die far past the average life expectancy of an unggoy in this line of work. What's his secret? No one knows. His second favorite hobby is killing heretics with holy plasma. His favorite hobby is woodcarving. Unfortunately given the lack of arts and crafts supplies available this very rarely ever becomes relevant. Also very sad.

Reason for joining:
I personally tend to find the aliens from science fiction to almost always be more interesting than the humans. From their culture to their architecture and technology. I also favor the Covenant's more active playstyle (leaning more towards actively going out and completing objectives) as opposed to the UNSC's more defensive playstyle (leaning more towards preventing the Covenant/URF from achieving objectives). I also just generally love the Halo series.

Roleplay Example/History:
I've been on this server for a little under a month. Mostly playing as minor Covenant roles or as ONI security/research. I've also played on colonial marines, Civ13, and sometimes on the World Server. Beyond that I've occasionally done tabletop games.
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