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The Brave Kig-Yak (Covenant Application)
Ckey: Zero123_456_890 

Discord name:Idiot#1325

In-character name: MakMak (Kig-Yak)

general character info: MakMak is a kig-yar who would give his life to protect his companions and be recognized as a hero

Reason for joining : I like join the covenant in every round and I am very familiar with the halo franchise and I would like more RP and Combat opportunitys in this server and I would like to be an official member since I have alot of  fun the hours I spend in this server together with more different people and I would like to provide more help to them for better RP and combat numbers

Roleplay Example/History: MakMak has inaccurate origins but he is very loyal to his commanders and he will always put his life first before that of his companions to save them from a situation of extreme hostility where everyone´s life is in danger,although he does not receive any award for any act of sacrificie he will accept the minimum thanks to his comrades in combat,he will always put himself as a bullet shield (Thanks to his shield as a Kig-Yar) reaching terrible situations with less casualties possible but it is more likely that he will join the few casualties protecting their brothers and sisters 
For the great journey!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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