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The Little Unggoy(GrayOwl3 Application Form)
Ckey: GrayOwl3

Discord name: Gray_owl#5679

In-character name: PiwPiw

General character info: A physically normal Unggoy, good speaker and charismatic.

Reason for joining: I love Halo, it was one of my first franchises to be a gamer, so when I found this server I really wanted to be part of it and be able to role a position in the chain of command.

Roleplay Example/History: PiwPiw any unggoy seen from the outside, but apparently harbors certain intelligence and charisma, one day upon hearing a certain story about his species and the Covenant, he decided that this was not a life for his own, that they needed to climb positions and not be mere meat cannon, which should rise again and be great !.
For this reason he decided to enlist in the forces of the Covenant and thus be able to gain recognition and fame and reach the upper echelons so that even a little, could change the future of the Unggoy .. (This was make with the blood of the fallen brothers....).
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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