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Application form: Patata
Ckey: Patata

Discord name: patata#8246

In-character name: Servitor (Major Yanme'e)

general character info: A typical Yanme'e warrior but specialized in piloting scout and transport ships.

Reason for joining : I love halo and i love the covenant in a whole, and i want to start taking more seriously my role.

Roleplay Example/History: And there he was, one of thousands, unrecognizable and loyal, Servitor, a Yanme'e who in his time of glory was the proudest protector of his hive and was the most loyal of them all, sent by his queen to an unknown and bestial war. But he was never afraid because he knew that his queen was wise and that all were sent for a mystical reason, now he swears loyalty to the prophets and is one of the best warriors and pilots of the army of drones, his job is to pilot transport ships and combat vehicles, in addition to being an expert soldier in explosive charges and snipers.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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