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ODST App - Socks
Atlantic Standard Time
Discord Name:
Ruby Red, Texus Red/Johnathan Texus, Zikan Bluekro 'Nasanai
How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?:
She lost her family when she was young, replaced them later in life with the UNSC Army.
She hates the Covenant, for personal reasons and because of their pointless genocide against Humanity. Glassing her home world didn't help things..
However she is somewhat sympathetic to the Insurrection's cause. Probably because she was raised by a terrorist.
Provide a description of your character:
(/Warning I got a little carried away\)
Ruby Red is stern, determined and stubborn above all else.
It is incredibly hard to sway her opinion once she has her mind set on something, just like her father.
Ruby Red was born May 12, 2499.
When she was ten her Mother was killed in a UNSC Raid on her families home on Eridanus II, somewhere in the slums of Elysium City.
Ruby was spared by fate, being taken by the soldiers and eventually led to her being placed in Foster Care.
Although she was orphaned, she understood why the raid happened, and why her mother died.
Her mother and father were both wanted criminals, Insurrectionists that would stop at nothing to free themselves from the UEG.
Even if that meant putting their children at risk.
They were scum for that..
Texus Red, Leader of the United Rebel Front's Eridanus and 11 Tauri Sectors. MIA 2529-PRESENT.
Lucia Camillus-Red, Leader of the United Rebel Front Commando's of Eridanus II. KIA.
Eventually Ruby graduated with Honors at the local Education Facility in Elysium City.
She was determined to make a difference in the universe, and not follow her in her parents footsteps.
Once she graduated Elysium City University, she applied for a Researcher position with the Office of Naval Intelligence, was accepted and began working on classified projects for a few years.
When the Human-Covenant War began, Ruby quit her job, signed some Non-Disclosure Agreement Forums, and joined the UNSC Army in late 2525, finishing her basic training soon after the Second Battle of Harvest had began in 2526.
Her first mission was considered to be a death sentence.
She was shipped off to Harvest, tasked with hitting key Covenant positions in the months after the UNSC had successfully re-established themselves on the planet.
However, soon setback after setback led most of her bothers-in-arms being heavily wounded or killed from the fighting.
Somehow, suicide-mission after suicide-mission, Ruby endured and came out alive.
For five long years, she fought tooth and nail.
Luck does run out.
Last mission on Harvest was during a routine patrol outside of Alpha Base, reason being?
Ruby sustained heavy injuries by taking two Needler's to the chest.
The squad she was assigned to was decimated in the skirmish, she was one of the few survivors, only because she was left unconscious near fallen squad mates.
When Ruby woke from her medically induced coma in 2531, she found herself aboard the Ysionris Jeromi-class Hospital Ship, "UNSC Flesh Wound".
A Datapad had been placed by her bedside, it read:
"ODST Application Format & Information"
This is where Ruby’s story begins.
Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?:
Of course, can't be worse than Sangheili Standard.
Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?:
Cringe Walaski tier torture RP is a no-go, gotcha.
Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?:
Haven't broken any rules that led to a ban/de-WL in over a year of playing.
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