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Nerval Solicitude
Ckey: Nerval

Discord name: Nerval #0125

In-character name: Architect (Yanme)

general character info: An insectoid specialized in infiltration and sabotage in enemy territory. Normally he prefers to infiltrate via pods and escape with an enemy ship. His sique has been described as that of someone highly patriotic who will not leave an ally at his mercy.

Reason for joining : I like the halo and destiny universe, not to mention that the aliens seem fascinating and very original to me. I have been playing in SS13 for a long time so I know most of the mechanics, however the available races tend to be refried from standard humans, so they have little personality. However, on that server I have fallen in love, since each covenant breed feels different.

Roleplay Example/History: Architect had successfully filtered through an escape pod. During that cold night in the desert he could discern the lights of the human base. Carrying her plasma weapon, she sneaked up to the entrance and with a quick movement shot down the two OSTs that were guarding her. After using his wings, he climbed onto the roof, knocking down a third. Through a large window he could see inside, 2 pelicans were being loaded. Architect took out two plasma grenades that after activating them, he threw them against fuel tanks. What preceded was a chain reaction of explosions that would destroy the hangar. With his mission accomplished, the architect left the area while contacting to complete his extraction.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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