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Covenant Application form.
Ckey: Subject2397

Discord name: Subject2397 #6865

In-character name: Mop, (Kig-Yar,) Grevu 'Morumee (Sangheili)

general character info: Mop doesn't have much information at the moment, mainly because I haven't written much for him. I plan for him to be a rather worried lad, but a bit more military focused. Doing what must be done, despite the semi-cowardly nature of his race. As for Grevu, he's far kinder then many others of his kin, often doing his best to help those among The Covenant, and doing what must be done to ensure the safety of it, be it protecting his brothers and sisters, or carrying out The Prophet's holy word.

Reason for joining : I adore the HALO universe, you guys are literally doing a roleplaying thing based around something I have loved my entire bloody life. Hell yeah I wanna join.
Roleplay Example/History: Grevu 'Morumee leaned against the cargo container, in the newly established outpost. It was little more then a listening outpost, and a way to keep troublemakers out of the main combat situations, or from important work, yet he did not care. He was happy, and he felt proud to be there regardless. With a contented smile, he takes the piece of cloth that he keeps on his person, and gently cleans his plasma rifle, humming to himself as he does so. Some of his fellow breatheren have always considered it odd that he likes to keep a song in his heart at all times, yet he enjoys the musics, and he can never not be seen smiling. Be it dispatching the heretical humans, or simply doing something mundane, like cleaning his rifle. The valley below looked very peaceful, very beautiful. And while he suspected that in the morning, when both Covenant and UNSC forces have rested, the fighting would continue. But for now? For now there is peace, and there is nothing but the sounds of his voice to be heard.
For the great journey
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