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DommyGaming : Embarking on the Great Journey
Ckey: DommyGaming

Discord name: Ȼ.Ɍ.Ɏ.Ᵽ.Ŧ.Ɇ.Ꝁ#8426 Nickname : DommyGaming

In-character name: Ordo

general character info: Ordo is a Unggoy Deacon, a one that is intelligent and brave yet cowardly at moments. He wishes to lift the spirits of those around him and use them for his own survival. To uphold the ministry laws and regulations he will.

Reason for joining : I was a unggoy before and wanted to be a deacon but it was not availiable at the time and then the purge happend so I am applying again.

Roleplay Example/History: Synthetic and Predator (Yautja) WL on CM which requires Roleplay. Councillor for Yautja to be exact. Have also been on this server before as a WL Unggoy.

More depth with factions details IE: Deacon
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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