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Eluxor's UEG Donator-Senator-President Application
Ckey: Eluxor

Discord: Eluxor#8938

Previous bans on this server or others: Serveral which I cannot know exactly as bans in Halostation are private. None in other servers.

Reason why you want to be a representative: Because we need more representatives and I have played all the factions, making me less biased to one or another.

I will provide an example situation, I want you to tell me how you will handle it. Please be honest with this as your performance will be reviewed compared to this example.

Example: The Covenant was given a massive buff for balance, raising shield strength. However the UNSC is raising pitchforks because now their ship is being blown to bits more often. The URF has decided to jump on this as well. UNSC and URF players are now messaging you to bring this up to the staff.

What do you say?: First, I will tell them that I will talk the devs about it, but never be 100% sure of anything as you never know what might happen in the future, but I will speak with staff about the complaints that both Factions have against the so called 'buff' which will be talked with the covenant, if it was truly needed or not. And then collect more information of why devs did that 'buff' on itself.
You don't seem like you represent me at all.

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