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Emoney #1001 Complaint
Right, as of late Emoney and a small band of people have been pushing this 'Praise Allah' religion shit down peoples throats for the past week and a half or more as a form of advanced shitposting. It was okay the first few times but now it's gotten to the point most people are getting tired of it's repetitive nature. To the point even when asking Emoney to stop he still persists in most cases to the point some URF players have started acting more onto it by going so far in server and hamming it up. I wouldn't know off the top of my head of some of the players aside from the one this complaint is about. But, as it stands it needs to be curbed.

Minor Addendum: MAGNUM had been acting beligerent toward me over making the complaint regarding emoney. I had provided Desolane said logs.
Me and a few others have been asking him nicely to stop shoving religion down people’s throats and he keeps pushing, further each time. Rather than simply stop he continues posting shitty memes. This wouldn’t be a problem if he’d just stop when people ask him to stop, instead he continues to be super toxic about it.
It’s getting extremely old.
If he wants to post memes at least do it somewhere not in General, because a good majority of of the time when he enters the chat it devolves into shitposting and toxic behaviour. Go through his logs and tell he isn’t being disrespectful.
He’s already known to most of the community as an extremely toxic person, getting banned at least one time prior to this incident over the same issue, not knowing how to control his behaviour, and continuing to be toxic when asked to stop.
Please look into this...
He has been talked too. There will no longer be any islamic memes.

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