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EpicFatGamerNuts2006's covenant format.
Ckey: EpicFatGamerNuts

Discord name: Sloop#8993

In-character name: Ab-Duk, Yap-Yap, etc. I like to change my grunt names up.

general character info: If this application is approved, I'll use the new Deacon role to "encourage" my fellow unggoy to push forwards. I plan to basically act like a grunt version of a commissar, and the hilarity that comes with that expectation.

Reason for joining : The Halo series has been my favorite series since I was 7 years old, and watched my dad play Halo 3 on launch day. In terms of this server, I find the unique style and gameplay of the differing covenant races to be far more interesting then the UNSC.

Roleplay Example/History: Decent amount of experience with CM, a small amount of experience with bay, and the fallout servers until the ERP scared me off. I have EXTENSIVE experience with tg, and haven't played anything but the new medRP server since it was added a couple months ago /tg/ wise.
for the covenant
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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