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Ashvor's Dev App
Coder Format

Age: 29

Ckey: Ashvor

Discord Name: Arithion Ashvor

Time Zone: MST

Contribution to Codebases (if applicable): 1 PR to Yawn Wider (Simple Sprite Update to the Borg), Numerous Updates to Halo Station (QoL, Donator Gear, New Items, Bug Fixes)

Codebase Familiarity: Halo Station (Pretty much anything sub Baycode. Though I'm still learning if I'm to be honest.)

How long you have been coding and how experienced you are with it: Nearly six months.
I just have one question, what is your intentions on becoming a dev here or why do you want to become one? Because like last week you were inciting people to stop playing here/donating so I’m confused on the intentions here.

Cael handles all dev apps so I’ll be leaving this to him
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Sure, fair question. I didn't incite people first off, that would mean I was ranting on and really pushing. But I was honest to folks about the reality of things. This means that sometimes you tell people they need to go elsewhere. If they have doubts and concerns about the Server in question and things are not going well. They shouldn't stick around, since they will just ultimately cause trouble in the long run. Plus I mean its better than telling them to stay, they waste their time and money and just get upset and complain the entire time. Doesn't help the Server and doesn't help them. So best to tell them to leave. There are always more players to invite and get to play.

As for intentions? Its simply to get more power to do more for the server. As a collaborator I don't think I have any weight or pull. And considering I'm an outspoken element in regards to certain things. Being a Dev might help me get some points across. Sometimes to help fix the system, you need to work within it. Move up the ladder till you get to a point your decisions actually affect the state of things.

Mostly though, it was a half-hearted attempt to see what would happen if I tried to join. Didn't expect to get it. Just wanted to see.
I've reviewed your contributions on Github and I'm happy with the quality of your code. You are self taught, your work is self directed and it's obviously motivated by a desire to improve the server. There is a lot of donor item work, sprite work and minor fixes, but that's still essential dev work for the server.

Getting the developer rank doesn't mean you have more "influence", but you will have slightly more power to implement your ideas which means we have to trust that your ideas have merit. I've updated the developer application format to add a section about roles and responsibilties which outlines the expectations and what accompanies the developer status. Also importantly I expect you to be able to compromise with other developers, take the input from players on board, and remain impartial when it comes to server/faction balance. 

Have you read and agree to the roles and responsibilties of being server developer, and are there any parts of the roles and responsibilities you are unsure about?

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