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Johnny Fanta - Wiki Maintainer Application
Wiki/Lore Maintainer  Format:

Age: 19

Ckey: JoeFanta

Discord Name: Johnny Fanta#0979

Time Zone: GMT+2

How much experience do you have with the game: 

Played every faction and almost all playable roles on Halo Space Station Evolved, been "faction hopping" for a while as well. 
When it comes to the actual Halo Games though, I've played all four games from CE to Reach, skipping 4 and 5.

How much experience do you have with wiki work: 
Not much, but I'm an alright writer and I can prove so. Sadly, I've never had to edit a wiki though there's always a first. I just think we need more maintainers, there's a lot I want to add and modify. 
Prior Work (if applicable):

 I've attempted to write lore for a few HL2RP communities that never took off due to them being some of my first pieces. This is a piece I submitted for this community a while ago.
So just for clarification this for wiki or lore app?
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Support. Always need a people digging around on the wiki working on stuff :+1:
Same question from myself echoed from James. If this is a lore developer application then I will ask questions for that. If not then oh well.
That weird admin people know for doing mildly silly events with some normal ones too.

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