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An amazing event idea I swear
I'm not good with formats, but an idea for an event, is basically this:

a group of Spartans have to escape to some sort of point maybe, trying to get away from unggoys with very dangerous hunting rocks.
just imagine being one of the spartans, walking together in a group, only to hear a rock whiz into your friend from somewhere just out of view, or hidden, as the rock just completely tears their armor and chest apart.
not a serious event, but it can still get terrifying if you play as one of the spartans.


another that I htink would be very interesting, would be an event where you do nothing at all, but make it seem like something big is going to happen, maybe, who knows what would happen if everyone has an uncertain, possibly scary doom over their heads, could they trust each other? would a marine buckle under the pressure and shoot someone? who knows, but just occasionally playing sounds and other stuff around people would certainly get the ball of uncertain doom going, like even just telling people through gods voice vauge things like 'your in danger...' would certainly make them uneasy, but, 

: an event where nothing happens, but occasional noises and other things go on, and set people off, make them paranoid of something that never comes, it's possibly evil, but it might be amazing to see what would happen.

it's 4:00, so my ideas might be terrible, but this is what I have.
While funny and getting a chuckle out of me,

please don't post fake suggestions, thank you.

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