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Complaint on Lee Alexson
Character: Lee Alexson
Discord: FreezeGlitch #7060

During my time in the round it was observed that the URF were killed by a ship-despawn bug. We just fly to GC in the main ship because thats all we have, and try to go to science to recover the X52s work. the X52 was killed and his mecs were used to kill me and an ORION Defector. According to the ODST Lee Alexson they "Found a URF Radio headset" (which was physically impossible) and raided the Science building. After that I had respawned and the URF and UNSC were allied. Close to the end I was still in my own Mec at the elevator. Lee Alexson then goes to the elevator and is standing around. I get out for a moment to check if the covies were still over head. as I do so Lee Alexson kills me without a word spoken and not announcing that URF and UNSC are no longer allies. I will also note that apparently he made the choice to kill all URF without announcing it after a ORION defector had attacked him stating "Fuck it KOS all URF" This being said, I believe this toxicity is unacceptable behavior as an ODST.
If he was attacked by a URF, then it makes sense that he would end the alliance. If telling him to radio in official statements of such is the problem after that, then that is kind of weird for me to have to talk to someone about that.

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