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Like you, I once walked on the path of the living.
That time was long ago, and it had left me tired and beaten.
Existence was an annoyance.
Unlike my fellow living -  a path was laid out for me long before I was born.
I was to become something..

I, was of the Firstborns.
Long gone and forgotten by thousands of generations.
Until now.

I had committed a crime.
One so heinous that I was to be put to death by my leaders.
Instead, I was given an option to become a subject of an experiment
Or die.
I accepted, hoping to cling to life as long as I could.
They’d later regret their own decision.
And I would relish in it.

They activated the shields, locking me in my cell.
Then - a dust-like powder was fed to me.
Unknowing of what it was, I had eaten it.
I felt amazing.

As time went on, I began to feel stronger, faster, whilst having near unlimited stamina.
Then the tumours began to form.
The pains began to set in.
Then, as fast as they had came - they had gone.
But then the hunger set in.
Everything started to blur together as if time itself was irrelevant.
Because - time is and will always be irrelevant to something that cannot die.

I was reborn in a single night.
The facility that had kept me captive for so long - became a tomb.
And remained as such for thousands upon thousands of years.
My spread was slowed by their defences, but it did not end.
They regretted all their actions up until that point.

Now, present day - things are different.
Ive found myself in a fledgling galaxy ripe for the picking.
My hunger needs to be sated. 
And nothing can, or will stop us.
Not even you.

We became the Atrocity that was never meant to be made.
But nonetheless, we’re here to stay.
Whether you like it or not.



Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny:  Start recording. Firstly I must ask, why did you do it?
Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: I have done none of the things I have been accused of,  my trial was falsified. I have been set up. This is all a dream...
Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: I’m sorry you believe that. Everything was recorded, you cannot hide behind lies. What you did was an atrocity. If it were up to me you wouldn’t exist. Nonetheless, I’ve been instructed to give you an alternative to a simple death.
Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: Define the alternative, I do not have long.
Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny:The alternative is to apply your name to an experiment, it will cull your death penalty, but I can-
Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: I accept.

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: Then we can begin. End recording.

Quote:Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: Start recording. It’s been a few days since our last recording, how are you enjoyi-

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: I don’t want to talk.

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: When you agreed to this experiment, you also agreed to the interviews. We have things to ta-

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: Let’s just get this over with, what do you want?
(TST sighs, a hint of anger is auditable.)

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: Let’s just skip straight to the point. The first phase of the experiment begins today.
(Sounds of an energy shield being deactivated, footsteps approaching, louder and louder.)

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: This is the experiment, all you have to do is eat it. Once you have done this you will be monitored closely for several cycles.

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: What is it?

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: It’s classified - however what I can tel you is; testing on animals has proven to be quite beneficial in multiple fields. 

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: So, I just eat it just like that? Bone-dry dust? Could I request liquids?

Lifeworker Ambition-Of-Fate-And-Destiny: Simply put, no. Eat up.
(Footsteps can be heard, then the sound of a shield activating.)

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time: Better now than later.. 
(Metal clanking against metal can be heard, chewing then coughing.)

Tempest-Of-Sands-Of-Time:  It’s extremely dry, bland in taste and utterly disgusting.. I miss my old life..


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