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Staff Report - Koenigsegg
Office Of Investigations Forum 

Your CKEY/BYOND username: Ashvor

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: [b]Koenigsegg[/b]

Details of complaint: My complaint is about how Koenigsegg handles Staff Reports and similar situations. More over, I don't believe he acts in a way the represents the Server and Admin Team well. This is also echoed by some others on the Admin team. But one complaint, one Staff Member.

Let's tackle these one at a time with examples. First, the most recent that stands out to me. Handling of the Staff Report against McLovin.

[Image: 7xLeYrK.jpg]

We have a staff report about a Admin/Mod promoting harassment of a member of this community. On top of harassing them via name changing. Harassment is harassment, first off. This has been noted before on the server and the Admins have no problem clamping down when it happens to "certain" people. Either the Admins follow the rule to the T, or not. Cherry picking what cases of harassment to punish and not punish exposes a dangerous duality of the Server Administration. Unless of course you are Koen handling a case regarding a buddy of yours like McLovin.

[Image: 23BaGDV.jpg]

[Image: Be81ZBv.jpg]

Case in point, Riley gets "vibe checked" and of course they did get real harassment I'm not disputing that. I'd go as far as to say Riley brought it on themselves with the constant Anime chat and memes, and playing into it by responding and not ignoring/blocking the people, you get my point though. But the Admins were on top on handling it. Going as far as to ban people who were doing and threaten an entire community to keep them from being harassed.

Not to mention Rule #6. Which is completely based on an Admin's tolerance to none server rule related conversation. Which is partly why I take this route with the Staff Report. I can't talk it out with Koenigsegg for fear I will be banned under Rule #6. Pretty easy to silence anyone who wants to speak out about problems in the Administration when you have a rule that bans anyone for trying to DM it to a member of Staff.

[Image: Ubcuiry.jpg]

I bring this up because of Koen's handling of the SovietCyanide's Staff Report. Particularly a couple key notes in what he says. It isn't about the content someone is harassing someone with? Its about the person? This conflicts with what was done above when people were @Dr.Riley and Vibe check. Which saw the Administration clamp down on anyone posting @s and vibe checks directed at that person. Then instead of simply stating he would look into the issue, he lectures the person about his reputation. Profiling someone and taking a complaint they have (A valid one given how hated harassment is handled on Halo Station), instead of handling the harassment report? Doesn't sound like how an Head Admin should be dealing with Staff Reports. Isn't he suppose to take a impartial stance and not defame the victim, while he tries to defend his fellow Admin? Note this is a response after SovietCyanide's reply where he states he tried to ask Mclovin to stop via DMs. And the Admin evoked Rule #6 by telling him to "Fuck out of my DMs.". Guess you can't even tell your harasser to stop because you break the rules when doing so.

[img]blob:[/img][Image: HwUDDWC.jpg]

[Image: 3UHoS8f.jpg]
The problem is furthered by Koen simply writing this off as "You reap what you sow.". So basically, if you act badly you get what you deserve? He also writes of McLovin's actions as "Harmless" when contrary to how the Admin team handles other similar situations like @Dr.Riley and saying vibe check as Harassment? Further exposing hypocrisy among the rules and how the Administration handles cases. Further directing that this entire situation was against SovietCyanide because of his actions. Surely this couldn't be because he is best pals with McLovin and is handling this out of care for his friend instead of accounting this like a proper Head Admin.

I feel his actions and handling of Staff Report should be reviewed. Maybe Staff Reports need to be handled with more than one Admin in order to get a better census and reasoning than letting one Head handle it all with his opinions alone being the deciding factor. There is clearly a lack of oversight regarding these Staff reports.

Rules For Posting:

Disrespectful behavior unbecoming of a Head Administrator. Failure to enforce rules of the server and enforcing violation of rules of the server. Particularly, by condoning McLovin's behavior and stating the person he was harassing and promoting harassment against, got what he deserved for daring to question and speak out against an Admin. It's hard to say what rules, because there are no rules for Admins/Mods to follow listed. So how can you really report them for any rule breaks?
° No harassment of other players. If you have an issue you can take it to the player complaints forum. If you have nothing really to show there, then you likely have nothing of value to spout in OOC about them.

1. No useless/nonsense posts. 

Posts that aren't relevant in any way, shape or form will be deleted. Posts that don't contribute in any way will also be removed. Opinion posting will be removed.

If you're just posting to say you hate the admin in question, your post will be deleted. If you're just posting to say you think they're nice, your post will be deleted. 

DO NOT POST, UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE IN A USEFUL MANNER. Repeat offenders may be banned if it warrants it.

2. This is STRICTLY for complaints about staff.

This is not about how you should be unbanned. This is not about how you hate a member of staff for banning you. This is for complaints about how member of staff has acted during their duties..

3. Posts here will be taken very seriously. It is expected that the posts will be written seriously.

Callings names, acting immature, posting flame posts without evidence, etc. will not be taken seriously. This is expected from everyone posting in an admin complaint thread.

4. Threads should be limited to one incident only.

This helps prevent two issues. One is that multiple incidents can get easily mixed up in a thread and eventually devolve it into becoming a peanut gallery, and two, it ends up causing an effect that hides multiple incidents under the guise of one. If you have a separate incident, please make a new thread instead of tacking it onto another one.

5. Additional

Threads without a resolution in 24 hours may be bumped for a response.

Regardless of the outcome, making multiple complaints about the same admin repeatedly without good reason is not allowed.

By posting an official complaint, you acknowledge that you may very well get someone punished per the head administrators judgement, including but not limited to a removal of rank or a strike against the staff member in question. If you do not want action taken against the staff member, you may try other avenues of approaching the issue such as talking to a head administrator in private or talking with the offending staff member and trying to resolve it with them first.
This is effectively an extension of another thread. Boohoo, you didn't like the outcome of it. Mclovin has been corrected in his behavior towards players. The Riley thing you bring up is with hyperbole and misinformation.

Do not waste our time with some half-cocked bullshit like this. Koen clearly stated that Mclovin WILL BE TALKED TOO. That both of them are at fault. Meaning that Mclovin is not being protected from his actions. This report is either that you misunderstand the situation or that you simply want to target Koen. I have reason to believe it is the latter.

Koen is a trusted and active member of the staff. As a Headmin, they are expected to handle these reports.

If you make a complaint, make sure it is an actual complaint and not some worthless opinion piece based off a prior post.

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