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Overmap Report 4
I've temporarily stopped work on adding sectors to the overmap in order to try and help get the insurrection gamemode ready for release. Anyway at the time of the last change the overmap was in the following state:
  • Overmap will be in the Eridanus system including an asteroid base and 2 initial planets (WIP) + the existing space weather.
  • Antagonist bases are being considered as possible overmap destinations, to allow the crew to strike back at the home of those pesky Insurrectionists if they are able to repel them.
[Image: 76561198022559245.png]
The guy who's hosting the forums, and does some coding too.
Can't wait to see how this will come together!
The code that merges multiz and overmap is ready to roll. I'm also working on some ship flight stuff at the moment which should be fun when it's ready to test.

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