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x31stOverlord - Covenant Empire Application
Ckey: x31stOverlord

Discord name: x31stOverlord

In-character name: Curruk

general character info: Curruk is a Kig'yar of poor luck and mostly blames it on the Unggoy trying to make him look bad in front of his Matriarch and clan, whether this belief is justified or not, the intense rivalry of the species is a definite pushing factor of Curruks dislike of the species in general and his restraint is measured only through his belief of the Great Journey that awaits him once he has served the Covenant and his clan to his greatest abilities

Reason for joining : I have not been on the server too long in all honesty, however, my thoughts upon seeing the two factions separated by whitelist made an immediate choice for me, an easy one. To join the Covenant, as they are infinitely more interesting in terms of depth of roleplay opportunities and culturally, an alien alliance of multiple species holds more interest to me than generic future humans. I'd also be an incredibly poor liar to deny that I want to at some point play as a San'Shyuum for the incredibly grand amount of roleplay it could generate, and whilst that may be some time in the future, the Lesser Minister of Justice will arrive, decreeing the justices that the Great Journey requires in order to propel the Covenant to it's glorious destiny and Great Journey.

Roleplay Example/History: I have been active on CM: SS13 for 2 1/2 years, most of that time has been spent with all three whitelisted roles, starting with the Predator whitelist, followed by Synth and CO, whilst that alone does not speak much, my entire roleplay history may be attested for by any of the CM players who have had interactions with me in any of my rounds I have played in.

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