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Domodyl - Covenant Whitelist Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Domodyl

Your Discord Username: Domo#1150

Your character name (if relevant): At the time, "Cicero 'Volkee" 

Who were you banned by: Nick123q23

Date of ban: 10/21/2019

Length of ban: Permanent (with allowance to appeal 3 months after the fact.)

Full ban reason: (There were no logs in-game, so I hope the forum link is acceptable.)

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I have had plenty of time to reflect on the fact and since then I have not been punished since, however, I will admit I was punished for failure to RP a prophet correctly, besides that I am pretty sure it has been a clean slate (correct me if I'm wrong.) I apologize to the community and people involved while being blacklisted I have had a couple of chances to see how shitty it can be on the other end of the stick of a Meta Gaming Covie, I think I am wiser now in this aspect than I was when I was banned. I ask for forgiveness and a chance to place within my favorite faction once more. 
I'm glad you decided to try appealing. You sound genuine enough, and you haven't been in any trouble recently.

So, how do I know you won't screw up something on a faction's rules and make people upset enough to make a new complaint in the future?
While nothing is certain, I believe I am better equipped than I was 3 months ago, I think my lack of recent reports prove that, while I cannot erase what I done if given the chance, I will not effect others roleplay negatively, and if I do I am prepared to be banned permanently from the whitelist.
We'll see how that goes if you've improved at all.
Do better this time, and don't make me regret this.

Your appeal is approved, you can go ahead and try re-applying to whichever faction you want now.

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