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CommanderXor's Moderator Application
Age: 18

Ckey: CommanderXor

Discord Name: Xor#1100

Timezone: GMT+10/AEST, Brisbane

Time in SS13: A few years now, roughly 2015.

Any SS13 Bans: Banned forever on Baystation for inappropriate IC comments(2016), previous temp-ban on Aurora station for suicide(2019) and a temp-job ban for ioning a malf AI as warden(2018). Both Aurora bans expired. I got job-banned from Cult back on Yogstation back in 2016 but it was appealed.

Prior Moderation experience: No prior SS13 moderator experience, however I use to be a moderator on Garry's Mod People of Gaming's 1942RP and a 'operator'(read Moderator) on Shockcore Gaming's HL2RP server.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Ensuring that players are having a good time on the server by keeping the server rules in play and making sure that negative experiences aren't being fostered, while also keeping a non-biased outlook to ensure that the best outcome for any given ticket happens. Also, obviously helping new players or any general questions someone may have.

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