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roushguy Covenant Whitelist Application
Ckey: roushguy

Discord name: roushguy#7523

In-character name(s): Puzup, Cud, "Stoic", (Potentially?) Isan 'Dasumai

general character info: Puzup is your typical Unggoy: Vociferously brave until under heavy fire or alone, at which point they panic and scream for help. They claim not to be able to read.

Cud is a Kig-Yar with a 'why me' attitude and a penchant for being a bad-luck magnet.

"Stoic" is a Yanme'e engineer-medic combination who is more at home healing or building than fighting, though it is capable of any.

Isan is a character I'd need to be whitelisted to play, but my vision for them is of a Sanghieli minor fathered by a swordsman later shamed by defeat, working to clear the 'taint of defeat' from his own blood.

Reason for joining : Dude. Who doesn't love Covenant? Back when the games were released, I was always the one playing Arbiter when me and my buddies played co-op. I love most of the weird, different species of the Covenant. 

Roleplay Example/History: I've been many non-human species on many servers, and 'getting into the head' of a non-human character has never been a big problem for me, nor is staying in character. For a good example of this, look no further than Puzup's actions in-character. They all but worship Elites and deacons, and their reverence for deacons has even caused them to waffle on orders given by Elites, unsure if the deacon or the Elite's authority is the greater. Stoic never speaks of itself in first-person, instead using 'we, our, this one' terminology, since it's part of a hive-mind.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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