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Roid Gorrila Covie App
Ckey: Essentialmanic1

Discord name: BurnSugarT#3291

In-character name: Bludtharix

general character info: Here stands Bludtharix , a battle hardened jiralhanae veteran, scarred by battles fought tooth and nail throughout his long life. One of the oldest living jiralhanae to still reek havoc among the battlefield, scars litter his battle withered body telling the tales. Standing at slightly noticeable smaller height than most males of his species, however sporting a very broad build with a wider and heavier body than his fellow members. Cruelty and viciousness are a staple to Bludtharix's conquests, while holding a fierce loyalty for his fellow jiralhanae brethren. Surviving these long years have granted Bludtharix superior leadership ability and wisdom among his people. 

Reason for joining : Halo is a big staple in my life always been a huge fan and nerd of the entire franchise and space station 13, and one of my favorites things about Halo have always been the covenant and their smelly rhino gorilla men.

Roleplay Example/History: A bunch of ss13: CM, Paradise, Aurora. Also I've tried out some superhero role play forums before so I'm a regular to this.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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