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SOE Application- S.Coney
Ckey: Winterume 

Discord Name: Amy #2560

Character(s): Samantha Coney

How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?: Samantha has always been an artist. From pencil on paper, the Scalpel on skin and the scope on target. She is very detailed and particular about a majority of the things she does. When it’s her friend, she treats them well and would go to hell for them. But may god have mercy if your her enemy. 

Provide a brief description of your character: Samantha Coney first served in the UNSC under the shadow of her older sister, Rose Coney. Rose was a Navy Corpsman attached to Marines, Samantha was a Ship Corpsman. Rose became a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman for ODST Samantha became a Sniper for the ODST. While Rose was always praised for her feats Samantha was never acknowledged for hers. Samantha has killed URF Commanders with a single shot over 4’000 yards marking her as a record shot, yet nothing. No more. Samantha’s last known drop was on Eridanus. She was presumed MIA but was later on found that she had been recruited by the URF while working in a colony hospital and time and time again proved her medical efficiency and accuracy behind a scope. One day Sam will prove she’s the better one.

Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?: Yes

Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?: Yes

Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?: Yes
-1 I've seen them in game, they are 2edgy4me
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