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CopyandPaste's Unggoy Deacon Application+ Covenant Application
Ckey: CopyandPaste

Discord name: Nein.mp4#8172

In-character name: Blapwim

General Character Info: Blapwim is 5'3 in height, and has mottled gray skin. Before Blapwim was a Deacon he was a Unggoy Minor before he was pulled out of the Unggoy Infantry when showed high levels of intelligence, he was taught the religion of the Covenant Empire, and became very religious and was taught more information of how important it is to raise morale and keep fellow Unggoy beliefs high. Blapwim was taught how to read Glyphs that were used in Forerunner technology. He learned how to use Holy Forerunner Machines. Blapwim is now a Unggoy Deacon within' the Covenant Empire and Ministry of Tranquility. He is fiercely loyal to the Covenant and the Prophets.  Blapwim would happily glass a planet of heretics, as everyone would, he takes no pleasure in killing his own species who may have accidentally said something heretical, but if they were clearly heretics Blapwim would have them slowly cooked alive in a room filled with burning suffocating gas, boiling the skin of those who dare get in the way of the Covenant Empire. Blapwim has only a couple goals which are someday establishing a good or better relationship between the Kig-Yar and his his fellow Unggoy, make Unggoy more respected and recognized for how strong they are, and finally... Blapwim's last goal is to guide his battle-brothers and sisters of the Covenant and himself through the "Great Journey" and ascending to Godhood.

Reason for joining:{IC RP REASON: Blapwim joined because it got him away from the harsh two winters on his Homeworld Balaho, and to explore and learn more of the many Planets and Moons in the Universe.) OOC REASON: I was reminded of how interesting the Unggoy was when I played as a Unggoy Ultra, I started doing research and getting some good nostalgia from when I was in a group as a Unggoy working with another Unggoy with our own little sub-group, I was Blastermaster Yimblap, Second to Deacon Pipap, I remember saying, "Once a Unggoy, always a Unggoy!" it really made me miss it then I decided to make an application for this group.

Roleplay Example/History: I have been playing SS13 for at least nine months. If I could rate myself in Medium-High RP I'd give myself a 9.5/10, why? Because sometimes but rarely I might make a small mistake=> Spelling error like, "Realy?" then IC I put, "-Ahem, Really." or something like that. Other than that, I am good RPing in both MRP, and HRP. I have RPed in Garry's Mod in a Warhammer40k Heavy RP server and Star Wars, and Halo Heavy RPs and Discord as Religious Roles/Characters, in MRP and HRP. I have been permission by the Head Admin Koenigsegg to try Deacon out for one round, I would say I did well as a Deacon when I got to try it.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy: Might be weak alone and without hope, but together as a brotherhood, group, family we are underestimated. A Unggoy with Faith, and a good Morale can do a lot of damage with the right equipment.
Kig-Yar: They are scavengers, pirates, thieves. They are good Sharpshooters and Scouts overall, they are useful. Uncomfortable to be around
Jiralhanae: Terrible cruel monsters, they are strong and do help the Covenant and I respect them for that.  They do have terrible hygiene.
Sangheili: The Sangheili are strong, honorable warriors of the Covenant Empire, and deserves respect from everyone. They are the broad of the Covenant Empire.
San'Shyuum: The Holy Prophets are the greatest of all of us, they guide us to greatness, they are our saviors. They are intelligent, inspiring, and worthy of ascension.
approved, but you aren't in the discord
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