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Ducky Momo’s Application
Ckey: Ducky Momo

Discord: Ducky Momo#0793

Previous bans on this server or others: N/A

Reason why you want to be a representative: I’ve had friends gripe to me and seen conversations that last an hour or more about things that’ve happened in game as a result of what they see as bad balancing, bullshit, etc. I want to help fix and alleviate these problems.

I will provide an example situation, I want you to tell me how you will handle it. Please be honest with this as your performance will be reviewed compared to this example. 

Example: The Covenant was given a massive buff for balance, raising shield strength. However the UNSC is raising pitchforks because now their ship is being blown to bits more often. The URF has decided to jump on this as well. UNSC and URF players are now messaging you to bring this up to the staff.

What do you say?: Firstly, I’d talk to the UNSC and URF about what they’d like to be done about the change and encourage suggestions. After gathering feedback and suggestions, I’d take what I learned to the Covenant chat and present them with the suggestions and feedback, asking them what they think. I would also ask them which suggestion they might agree on to help fix the anger about the buff, whether it be through compromise or any other sort of mean as long as all parties are satisfied. With that, I would take the final decision to the staff.

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