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Socks Event Thread
Event: "The Trade Deal"

Event Admin Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Event Risk Level: Easy-Medium

Gamemode Requirement: Revolution/Outer Colonies
Theme: Calm/Thence Trade

Unknown Traders have come from beyond our Star, they are aliens, but unlike the others that have been fought on countless battlefields across the galaxy.
These Traders are not Fighters, but Finders. 
And they know how to find the goods..

Yonhet Traders have arrived on Geminus, they bring extremely rare and hard to find goods of all kinds, ready to sell, for a price.
The United Rebel Front have made contact with these Yonhet Traders, calling them to the hidden Rabbit Hole.
They come in peace, but if the United Rebel Front wish to cause trouble, their weapons and armor might be next on the list of items to be sold.
They are also here to resupply their own stock as well.
Stealing anything that might be worth their time.

This is a list of items that might be useful for the Event.

Yonhet x2-4

Credits (20k Credits)

Plasma Rifle x3 (3k Credits)
Spiker x2 (2.5k Credits)
M98 All-Purpose Carbine x2 (1.9k Credits)
Beam Rifle x1 (6k Credits)
Sentinel Gun x2 (5.7k Credits)
SRS x1 (3.5k Credits)
Randomized Weapons x5

Frag Grenade x5 (20 Credits)
EMP Grenade x5 (50 Credits)
Plasma Grenade x2 (150 Credits)
Spike Grenade x4 (125 Credits)
Macro-bomb x1 (1k Credits) 
Randomized Grenade x3

Flood Chem Syringe x1 (10k Credits)
Rare Chemicals x2

Yonhet can use the Invader/Alien sprite.

Event: "Evolution of Unggoy"

Event Admin Difficulty: Medium

Event Risk Level: Medium-High
Gamemode Requirement: Reclamation/Outer Colonies
Reports have come in from HIGHCOM that there has been a significant change within the Covenants hierarchy.
There has been a single promotion that has thrown most of the Covenant into a fit of rage! 
An Unggoy has been promoted..
With this promotion the Unggoy in question has obviously been given his own Vessel and Crew.
Every single one of them being exclusively Unggoy, aside from a couple Engineers.
The Unggoy Shipmaster has also been given a security detail, newly minted Unggoy Honor Guards.
Not only that, but he has been given a small detail of Deacons to act as his advisers. 
For whatever reason, the Hierarchs have paid very well for this Unggoy to be put in its current position.
Make them regret this.
HIGHCOM will give you whatever you need, but make sure to ruin the reputation of Unggoy for generations to come.
Kill this Unggoy Shipmaster. 

30 Player Pop Required
Unyielding Transgression name changed to "Unyielding Nipple Hungerer"
Unggoy Exclusive Vessel, no Sangheili, Brutes, Kig-yar of any kind allowed!
Engineers are okay though.
Double Unggoy Spawn count
2 Unggoy Honor Guard
2-4 Deacons for Ground Battles
Shipmaster could use the Unggoy Red Team armor if its in game to look Unique


Dont got any. Just have fun with it.
Event: "Grim Reality of War”
Event Admin Difficulty: Easy
Event Risk Level: High
Gamemode Requirement: Secret/Outer Colonies  
Constant fighting with no end in sight takes its toll on the human body and mind.
Some people break under the pressure, some cave; others however take things into their own hands.
For one reason or another a single Marine, or a group of Marines, have decided to defect from the UNSC.
Having been contacted by the local Insurrectionist Cell, they’ve agreed to give a little to get a little. 
They offer freedom, at a price.
Syndicate Radio Uplink W/Telecrystals
Innie Comms

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