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Fridays are Fun days
OC “Super-weapon” event: Forerunners created an advanced biological weapon system as an attempt to out-do the Human race during that conflict. Although the Forerunners would eventually win, this ancient weapon remained undisturbed for eons...until now.

OC “Special Asset” event: From the void came monsters, and the monsters remain. Two ancient Forerunner artifacts, still contaminated with the Flood or maybe containment units of flood specimens, are in the 111 Taurus System. They contain vast knowledge on other subjects such as weapons and power generation like hard light, so they’re valuable to all the factions in the system. Get dat fukkin artifact.

Rev “Operation Roll Call” Event: The URF and UNSC both have powerful personnel visiting the system. Intelligence on both sides have figured this out. While protecting their own valuable asset, each faction must capture the enemy’s. Killing them would net less points.
They believe they have their false prophets on their side. Well let them believe what they will.

We have the MACs on our side.

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