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Nicheman's Covenant Application
Ckey: Nmuncie9618

Discord Name: Nicheman#4128

In-character Name: It changes often, as I play many different races, my Sangheili that I've made is called Isan 'Kosumee

General Character Info:  Varies with the species, generally an obedient if not slow or dimwitted cannon fodder

Reason for Joining: I find the Covenant more interesting, especially the variation in species, I like their aesthetic and I figure the "bad guys" are the underdogs on the server and could use all the support

Roleplay Example/History: I've played abit on other servers RPing, CM13, Bad Deathclaw (no ERPing, BIG no), and IS12. I've spent time on server serving as some of the lesser races to get to grips with things. 
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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