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Community Meeting #12
Hello everyone I know its been awhile since the last community meeting and such, mainly we haven't had one due to poor turn out and lack of support at the time but that has changed since the last time.  We now have a more lively active community and I feel its time for us come together for the last meeting on 2019 strong. We've had many changes and upcoming features to discuss and such this is will be an open mic meeting open to everyone so we can get feedback from everyone and move forward as a community!

Topic points:

  1. -Current State of the Server in regards to funding/patreon/donations also  XO's new AI implementation has room for custom sprites for AI Hologram
  2. -Overall discussion of how we're feeling regarding the current direction of the server development.
  3. -Segment on Spartans and how people are feeling about them balance/rulewise
  4. -General Q&A
  5. -What happen to mentors
  6. -Movie Night
  7. -Upcoming Server Events

This whole year has been one hell of a wild ride and I'm hella proud and thankful/grateful to everyone who contributes to this community at large who helped us grow over the year and many more to come and as always please bring your questions and concerns to the table we want to heat them!

Meeting shall be held on 12/22 3:30 PM CDT
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Time updated
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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