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Ckey: Winterume

Discord name: Amy#2560

In-character name: Samantha Coney

general character info: Overshadowed by her older sister (Rose Coney) first in school, then the UNSC where Rose went ONI from the ODST, Samantha Defected. Sam and Rose both share similarities only Sam was always bested by her sister. Rose is a Major in Anatomy, Sam is a Bachelor... Rose has the highest rescue and kill count as an ODST corpsman.. Sam was only a sniper for the ODST.. Rose is a legend Blah Blah... Everything has always been about Rose! Well, I think its time I show exactly who Samantha Coney is, and prove to my sister I am THE better of us two.

Reason for joining : Been thinking about trying out the URF for some time now, I think the UNSC has lost integrity and being an ODST Corpsman without a team is well, distasteful. Even with SPARTANs.
Nice and friendly person, great player.

I know the URF has what you're looking for, and of course ask anyone for help along the way to what you want.

They believe they have their false prophets on their side. Well let them believe what they will.

We have the MACs on our side.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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