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SOE Application
Ckey: Demkova

Discord Name:Valia

In-Character Name:Leng Shinzo

General Character Info: Seasoned Pilot of the UNSC but discharged due to misconduct, overtime grew resentful for the UNSC as the taxes in his home sector slowly rised and is forced to take more desperate and illegal measures to make ends meet. Even if it means being a hired gun or a simple Pirate.

Reason for Joining:URF Major bring back Thorn I retain alot of pilotting and command-Combat skills from being an Elite Ultra often formulating battle plans in the covenant as shipmaster. I'd like to put those skills to use in the Insurrectionist faction however I can both ground and air.
Do you Understand that members of this Whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay: Why yes of course, just like how higher ranking officers are to be less involved with fighting and how Ultras are to send Minors to battle first. However as a normal SOE I would still be a frontlinesman but more adept in strategy whether alone or with a team.

Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist:That's the same as being job banned from HOP for misuse of the access console I am aware.

Do you understand that breaking a server rule you will be removed from the whitelist permanently: Actually one of the reasons for leaving the Covenant was because of its new rules that restrict us from doing some things I was sooner  or later bound to do and get banned for. I am aware.

As for the question of the situation, I've yet to see a wiki update and learn what still applies or not and I've just started a drive for seeing what is valuable to the SOE specifically. As a base level SOE crewman I would try to obtain the Orion Organs <whatevertheyare> only on the condition of being ordered to or majority rule to go and do such an op on an uptight Oni Facility. I'll be bound by RP law itself to voice my own concerns on it of course but I simply  can't not do a mission because I don't want to. The operation will occur with whatever plan is reasoned but due to my lack of knowledge of Northwind's layout the obvious course of action would be to discreetly enter the base without raising alarm.maybe wire cutter barb wire and weld open a wall sloely making our way through the facility with hacked doors <justlikevildidaloneastvoangettingartifact>. Find objective, take extra goodies, and do some sabotage to hinder Oni operations to keep them busy. If anyone is to trip alarm we will use the facility against an incursion from outside UNSC forces having bolting doorways creating new wall girder barricades maybe even exfil through a new hole in the wall as the enemy forces are delayed post finding the objective and securing it. If ship is compromised then the UNSC had to land somehow and I'm not freezing to death on some snowball, use the UNSC devices against them either pelican or Umbilical must be seized. Entry into UNSC vessel and hiding within it until known departure from planet or covenant<if any> happens. Then we will act to seize LB itself even if a bold move might be our only option to get to Geminus alive. But we already know how unrealistic the plan sounds, an assisted uprising on geminus sounds better.
Say there's yourself and another SOE Commando present. Through an admin event, SOE are aware that Northwind is an ONI facility and wants to secure Orion organs. The LB is at Geminus, it's about 15 minutes into the round. How would you do it?

By pilot, do you mean pilot ships or aircraft? One is pretty basic and one is something you'll very rarely do as SOE, so what other skills do you posses?

Also, please correct your application to the proper format.
They believe they have their false prophets on their side. Well let them believe what they will.

We have the MACs on our side.
Interesting application, the player obviously wants to be SOE and has experience in the Covenant and fighting the Covenant which would be an appreciated skill. I’d like to see how they do as an Initiate. 
They believe they have their false prophets on their side. Well let them believe what they will.

We have the MACs on our side.
My opinion doesn't really matter since i am a lowly URF boy, but they know what they are doing, good at combat, and can decently lead a squad. At least in my opinion, also chill.
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