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My covenant application
Ckey: pepega_lad

Discord name: Fishing Nanachi

In-character name: Jith

general character info: I've been playing a lot of this character. He's a tiny fella, but his heart burns with hatred towards heretics. He also deeply cares for his companions and you usually see them dragging wounded out of the battle.

Reason for joining: Cause I want to play as the brutes and elites, and have some fun RPing as a fundamentalist space jihadist that commits terrible war crimes to heretics.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played a lot of milrp games, including arma, here in ss13 I've played Bay, Aurora and the less roleplay more action CM. I feel like I have a good grasp of how to roleplay a character and take their thoughts and personality in consideration when taking actions. I also understand that while RPing is important, it's very hard to so on the battlefield. I'm also hella robust.

More depth with factions details IE: The covenant is a group of aliens that banded together under the banner of a zealous leadership with very strong religious beliefs. Though I am not familiar with what that religion entails, I've learned to shout "For the great journey!" before going into battle. I understand that this is a very verticalistic society and that one doesn't simply disobey your superiors and somehow get away with it, you'll get beatings or just straight up get killed. This is especially true for those that ARE the superiors since they need to set an example, and their fellows would not tolerate their image being tarnished. They also fucking hate humans, with a passion. As far as I understand it's because of their heresy and I also kinda know that this was some sort of 4d chess conspiracy from the leaders of the covenant. I get the jizz, orders good, oomans bad.
Excellent app. I have also seen Jith in play and have seen that you are trustworthy in the role. Approved.

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