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thebiggestboss covenant app

Discord name: thebiggestboss#2191

In-character name:Nik

general character info: Nik is a Ruutian Kig-Yar, having served the Covenant most of his life. Being a Kig-Yar, he is a natural marksman and prefers to keep his distance with a carbine rather than up-close with a energy shield and pistol. He usually picks on the unggoy that are lower ranked than he is, and having a general disdain for unggoy, but will follow orders from higher ranks regardless.

Reason for joining :Friend recommended me this server, I've played a bit and really like it. I found that I like playing Covenant the most due to the varying roles each species actually have. Also, their guns and ships are cool.

Roleplay Example/History: I've honestly not played too much on RP servers due to how the servers were run, so I've played off and on different servers for a few years (garrys mod mainly) but I can RP and find it to be fun, especially on this server.

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