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Focks' Spartan II Application
CKEY:Focks in a Bocks


Discord name (eg Bob#123):Focks-Bocks#2087

How long have you been a Whitelisted ODST?: 04-10-2018: 1 year 7 months, placed back on trial approximately a month ago because of a period of general(not-total) inactivity

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: No

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules linked above, as well as the Faction Rules of the UNSC and the Server Rules?: Yes

Do you understand that whitelisted Spartans are expected to comment on and observe the conduct of other Spartans and Spartan Applicants, on the forums as well as discord?: Yes

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Try and avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): Robin-139

Explain what you would do in the following scenarios and why:

Scenario 1: 

You’re on the ONI Aegis and the ONI RD requests a Sierra team to deploy to VT9, as the covenant have been spotted and are attacking. They have not breached the gate and it is unclear as to the size of their forces. What do you do?

Ask for clarification on intent of mission, known details on enemy forces, and current status of friendly forces in the area. If there are confirmed sightings of Elites or Brutes and the threat to ONI assets is clear and present, deploy. Otherwise  keep an eye on the situation and wait for escalation to see if your presence is necessary, as ONI guards should be the first line of defense. If deployment is deemed necessary, confirm with RD for objective priority as details emerge, determine if extraction of sensitive materials and personnel or repelling of covenant forces is the more obtainable goal.

Scenario 2:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and receive an urgent request from a Platoon Leader to deploy onto the UNSC Warship as the Insurrectionists have deployed a sizeable force and are taking control of the ship, and arming the nuclear device as they request assistance. What do you do?

Confirm with CO or aCO of the Marine forces, if none exists, and the threat is credible/marines have sustained major loses/loss of the Warship is imminent but preventable , board the Light Brigade, disarming the nuke should be priority one, with repelling the URF/assisting shipside marines being the secondary objective
before extraction. If time constraints mean the Warship cannot be boarded and retaken with reasonable chance of success before the nuke detonates, or if it becomes apparent during deployment the nuke cannot be disarmed in time, have the AI carded, the Nav computer destroyed and abandon ship. If this conclusion is reached before deployment, suggest this course of action for the marines.

Scenario 3:
You’ve been deployed on a mission to give the covenant back their bomb. You manage to arm the bomb, but your fellow spartan has been cut down and his body is being dragged away by the Covenant towards an escape pod. What do you do?

Priority one is to recover or destroyed the downed Spartan, the Covenant cannot be allowed to to take the gear. If recovery of team seems unlikely, destroy the body and use the escape pod. If recovery of team is probable, retreat to exfil with wounded/dead Spartan causing whatever collateral to the covenant you can on the way to extraction.
Sorry for the late response, you posted this at... an interesting time... (Nothing to do with reach on PC or anything...)

Accepted. One thing I will note though is that extended inactivity will lead to removal, as it did with ODST.

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