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Covenant Application
Ckey: Spetr

Discord name: @Specter#3765 

In-character name: Mortland Ardell

general character info: Valdesh'Uhn is an average built and weight Sangheili. Despite coming from a noble background Valdesh Uhn is part of the lower rankings of the covenant due to lacking in the leadership prospect of things and not being zealous enough to the cause. He briefly served in Thel'Vadame's Fleet of Particular Justice as a lower-ranking warrior leading small strike forces against UNSC forces.

Reason for joining: Halo 2 is my favourite childhood game, the Arbiter and Elites as a whole are a concept that I fell in love with. their honour, pride, bravery and dedication is beautiful on its own but coupled with their savagery, colour pallet and physique make for a memorable enemy and later on Ally. I'd love to have the chance to sport roleplaying a Sangheili and shove my Saturn sized ego down the filthy humans' throats

Roleplay Example/History: I have roleplayed as a similar role in the Predator of the CM-13 server as well as having roleplaying as a hobby on discord

More depth with factions details IE: Sangheili are a race hailing from a planet from which they derive their name, Sanghelios. They are a proud race praised for their martial skill, undying spirit, strength and intelligence. They are zealous warriors of the covenant that will give their life for The Great Journey and to fulfil the prophets will. They have a strong rivalry with the Jiralhanae
I see that you have been roleplaying as an elite in the discord in a dedicated fashion. Nice.


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