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Covenant Sangheili Application
Ckey: AttackHelicopter6754

Discord name: GeneralZane#4204

In-character name: Xovar 'Zulcamai

General character info: Xovar 'Zulcamai is a Sangheili Minor standing at 8'1, and weighing in at 164 Kilograms (361 Pounds). He's completely loyal to the covenant and does everything within his power to carryout his orders. Disobeying his orders is the last thing he would ever dream of doing. He makes sure to keep his honor with him, and may even spare a foe he deems worthy enough to live.

Reason for joining: I used to be very into the Halo universe, and when I saw the server and saw you could be a Sangheili, I thought I just had to try and sign up. It's much different than regular gameplay, and I think I'd make a good Sangheili.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played quite a lot on Aurora Station, a HRP server, for several months and I would say I roleplay quite well, as some other players on the discord have recognized my character, and others enjoy my gimmicks as antagonists.
You are a very active member of the community and seem to have a clean record. Welcome to the covenant.


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