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Ckey: EastGermanStasi

Discord name: Cash#5963

In-character name: Edward Dormer

General Character Info: Edward Dormer grew up on the outer colonies, he initially wanted to join the UNSC as a hospital corpmans. While the idea itself was noble he soon found that what he was fighting for wasn't as pure as he had initially thought. His father Zack was arrested for what appeared to be bogus charges and soon he disappeared from the face of the colony. Edward knew that he had simply had some involvement in the insurrection, but never had any proof. Before swearing into the UNSC his family was taken out by gas leak in their home, while it was ruled an accident some of Zack's associates came forward showing that his family was taken out for being associated with the URF. Instead of showing up to swear in, Edward joined the URF and began his fight against the UNSC - for his family.

Reason for joining : To avenge his family's death and give it some meaning, and free his father.
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